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Best Drupal web hosting

What is important when it comes to Drupal web hosting?

How to find good Drupal web hosting? Well, just like any other web application, Drupal requires that you have PHP support and access to MySQL database (PostgreSQL is also supported by Drupal). However, this is not enough for Drupal to run smoothly. You need several other things to have on your hosting in order for your Drupal website to run without any problems:

Using tags and tagclouds to describe your content in Drupal

Tags and tagclouds are all over the web nowadays. Almost every blog or website has it. Setting up a tagging system in Drupal is very easy. If you are using Drupal as a weblog, this might be a great feature for your website. Heck, it is a great feature even if you're not using Drupal as blog.

How to make Drupal piece of content that refreshes itself every 24 hours

This Drupal tutorial is easy, yet it can come very handy and useful sometimes. For one website, I needed to make one part on the frontpage to display teaser of random article, and refreshes itself every 24 hours. Easy, I thought, I could use block_cache module and that's all.

How to make a photo gallery with thumbnails in Drupal

Here we will create a simple photo gallery for Drupal CMS that will have thumbnails listed in a table with 3 columns. First of all, please have a look at how our final result will look like:

Would you like to have something like that on your website? Read on…

Basic Drupal site configuration

Here I will point out some things that should be done by yourself after you have installed Drupal. It's a basic Drupal site configuration - some things that I always do when I create new Drupal website.

What is Drupal and why you should use it

Welcome, my Drupaler

Maybe you've heard about Drupal somewhere, maybe a friend told you about it, or maybe you just saw some cool website and found out it has been made with Drupal.

Drupal is CMS - Content Management System. It means you somehow "manage content" with it. So, what kind of content can you manage with Drupal? Any kind!

Hello world

Welcome to, my blog dedicated to providing information for learning Drupal and building websites with Drupal CMS.