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Using tags and tagclouds to describe your content in Drupal

Tags and tagclouds are all over the web nowadays. Almost every blog or website has it. Setting up a tagging system in Drupal is very easy. If you are using Drupal as a weblog, this might be a great feature for your website. Heck, it is a great feature even if you're not using Drupal as blog.

Basic Drupal site configuration

Here I will point out some things that should be done by yourself after you have installed Drupal. It's a basic Drupal site configuration - some things that I always do when I create new Drupal website.

What is Drupal and why you should use it

Welcome, my Drupaler

Maybe you've heard about Drupal somewhere, maybe a friend told you about it, or maybe you just saw some cool website and found out it has been made with Drupal.

Drupal is CMS - Content Management System. It means you somehow "manage content" with it. So, what kind of content can you manage with Drupal? Any kind!