Best Drupal web hosting

What is important when it comes to Drupal web hosting?

How to find good Drupal web hosting? Well, just like any other web application, Drupal requires that you have PHP support and access to MySQL database (PostgreSQL is also supported by Drupal). However, this is not enough for Drupal to run smoothly. You need several other things to have on your hosting in order for your Drupal website to run without any problems:

- Drupal is best if you run it on Linux platform. Personally I suggest you to go for Linux based web hosting, because it is much more stable and secure than Windows hosting.

- Easy to use Control Panel that will allow you to create new databases and do everyday tasks. Usually all web hosting companies will give you cPanel, which is a pretty good Control Panel system.

- Your web host should allow you to easily create, modify or delete existing databases and change permissions on those databases. This should be done inside Control Panel.

- phpMyAdmin script installed so that you can easily manipulate data in your existing databases, execute queries on your own and backup your databases.

- Drupal requires cron job set up on every 24 hours in order to run smoothly. This one is very important for your Drupal website, as Drupal must perform certain actions automatically every 24 hours (or often). So it's important that your web host have cron editor where you can set up your own cron jobs.

- Next you need a very fast connection to the database. This is because Drupal heavily depends on database system and have many queries that need to be executed very fast. The web hosts that I recommend all provide you with fast connections to the database system.

- You need excellent customer support. As always, you may run into problems with your Drupal installation or you just might have questions that need to be answered. Excellent customer support is a must when it comes to Drupal web hosting.

- The ability to host multiple domains on 1 hosting account. This is very attractive feature of Drupal. You can have as many web sites using only one instance of Drupal web application. This means that every domain will use its own database, but all domains will use one same instance of Drupal. This way you save on your web space. This feature is really cool if you want to have many Drupal websites on 1 hosting account.

Top 3 web hosts for Drupal

More and more people start to use Drupal because they see a big potential in it. Drupal really is the best content management system out there, because basically you can make anything with it – from simple 5-pages static websites to complete full featured communities like MySpace.

So in order for your Drupal website to run smoothly, you need a great Drupal web host. Here are my top 3 suggestions for the best hosting for Drupal:

Free domain checkmark1.jpg checkmark1.jpg checkmark1.jpg
Web space Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL databases Unlimited 100 100
Drupal install Fantastico Pro account @ Pro account @
Control Panel cPanel cPanel cPanel
Cron jobs checkmark1.jpg checkmark1.jpg checkmark1.jpg
phpMyAdmin checkmark1.jpg checkmark1.jpg checkmark1.jpg
Demo login No checkmark1.jpg checkmark1.jpg
Customer support Excellent 24/7
- Online chat
- Phone
Excellent 24/7
- Online chat
- Phone
Excellent 24/7
- Online chat
- Phone
Price $4.95/month $5.95/month $6.95/month
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